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Hello gorgeous! My name is Emma, and I love makeup, hair, and clothes just as much as any other girl! My page will give you reviews on mostly drugstore makeup and hair products. I'll also show you outfits of the day, my favorites for the month, and more! Thanks for visiting!

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Hey girls! Soo since it is getting hot outside, I thought i would share with you my favorite tinted moisturizer.  As the weather gets warmer, wearing full-on foundation can be pain and even make your skin feel gross as you sweat. However with the use of tinted moisturizers, you can still get decent coverage and not feel like you have so much makeup on.  My favorite one is the CoverGirl Aqua Smoothers. I wear it in the shade light to medium.  It gives a nice, light layer of coverage and looks perfect when set with translucent powder.  The best about the product is that it has SPF 15, which is perfect for protecting your skin in the summertime! 

Posted on June 21st at 4:24 PM
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